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Take two dry glass plates of 50/150 ml in size. On one of them the pallet strew with a small group 5gr an ispytuyemy flour and nearby on other party put same a reference flour. Then an edge of the 2nd plate the flour small group is equalized a little, and cover equalize densely pressing them a little. After that carefully remove a plate. At different color of samples of a flour the line of the section is clearly visible.

Table salt is delivered to a bakery in bags or an embankment in dump trucks. Salt is very microscopic therefore it is stored in the certain room, an embankment or in chests. To dough salt is added in the form of solution 23 – 26% concentration. Solution of salt is prepared in solerastvoritel of system of Lifentsev or the HSR brand. In one office of solvent saturated solution of salt is formed, in other offices it is defended and filtered.

Taste and smell of a flour define organoleptic. Taste of a flour slightly sweetish, not sour and not bitter, a crunch in a flour should not be felt. Smell specific, weak. Musty or other abnormal smell is not allowed.