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The chip is connected with the microprocessor via the bidirectional multiplexed address tire – data (AD0AD. For management of record and reading of information entrances (a chip choice), AS (a strobe, the address, DS (a strobe of data) and R/serve (reading – record).

From a set of registers of various series I stopped the choice on the register of a series 1533 since in comparison with a series 555 they have bigger speed and smaller (by 52 times energy consumption. In turn registers of a series 555 have speed similar to speed of a series 155, but smaller energy consumption.

One of the most necessary operational conveniences – existence of the built-in hours which indications it is constant or at the request of the operator are displayed. It is also possible to provide delivery of commands for inclusion or switching off of external devices in the set time. Hours can be realized both programmatically, and hardware.

Semiconductor STORAGES on the mode of entering of information share on quick and constant, on an operating mode – statistical and dynamic, by the principle of selection of information – on devices with any and consecutive selection, on manufacturing techniques – on bipolar and unipolar.

The central processing unit is organized round the internal tire of data to which are connected the store, the arithmetic-logic device, the register of a code of operations and the array of registers containing 8-bit and 16-bit registers.

PS entrance (the food sensor) – control of a continuity of giving of the feeding tension. It is connected so that tension on it fell to 0 at any, even short-term chip power off.

Dynamic RAMS are presented generally by the KP565 series with max with a capacity of 2561 the category and min of time of selection of 150 ms. But continuous recovery of information – regeneration which period makes 18 ms is necessary. For regeneration additional schemes that complicates the scheme in general are necessary.

More detailed description of the organization of connection of DU and the microprocessor, microprocessor and RAM, microprocessor and ROM will be considered below when concrete integrated schemes of the microprocessor, the RAM and ROM are chosen. In the same place the principles of the organization of the tire of the address, data and management will be considered.

For consumers the choice of the ROM type in many respects is defined not only electric parameters of this big IS, but also ways of its programming. Can be programmed by ROM, both at the consumer, and at the enterprise – the manufacturer. Exist ROM of single and repeated programming.

After inclusion of power supply of the central processing unit there has to begin implementation of the program every time with the team located in a cell with a certain address, but not with any any cell. For this purpose it is necessary to execute the MT initial installation. Such initial installation is carried out at the first inclusion of MT, and also at any time when it is required to return MT by the beginning of implementation of the system program, always from the same certain cell of memory.

The processor 1821BM85 is the improved modification of the processor 580BM80, and for this MT is specially developed ENCORE for input-output of parallel information of KP580BB55A. That is why the choice also stopped on this chip.

The framework of the block is made of AD-1 aluminum 1 mm thick. The block casing, because of requirements imposed to strength characteristics of a design is executed from a steel sheet of the CT10 brand 1 mm thick. The forward panel is executed also from a steel sheet of the CT10 brand 1 mm thick.

In the design-technology section the block design choice, development of technological process of assembly of printing knot and the block in general are made. Calculation of quality and other technological indicators is made.

Use of microprocessors in control systems provides achievement of high rates of efficiency at so low cost that microprocessors, probably, do not have reasonable alternative elementary base for creation of managing directors and/or the regulating systems.